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The Meaning of Friday

​Archaeologist Martin Day and his friend Helen anticipate a relaxing summer on the Cycladic island of Naxos. Then Michael Moralis, an American historian whom Day once knew, is found murdered in his hotel.


Against their better judgement, the local police chief and the charismatic detective from Athens realise that they need Day's archaeological knowledge and contacts to even begin to investigate the case. 

The body of a local man is discovered in a stone hut in the hills, an English woman disappears, and one of Day's closest friends just happens to turn up on Naxos on a flimsy pretext. As Day puts his mind to it he thinks that everything must be connected to the rumour of an unknown ancient site somewhere on the island which many people would like to be the first to discover. 

Day loves nothing more than a good intellectual challenge. Unless it's Despina Kiloziglou, who is unobtainable.