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The Disappearance of Ophelia Blue

Publication June 2022

Archaeologist Martin Day has given no thought to Ophelia Blue since the end of their affair twenty years ago. He now owns a house on the beautiful island of Naxos, relishing the cuisine and wine of the Cyclades and working just enough to fund his lifestyle. Then a call arrives from Ophelia. She will be arriving very soon to consult him about something important which she will explain in detail when she sees him. Day is excited, but his pleasure is short-lived. Ophelia disappears after their first evening together, before revealing the reason for her visit.


The police are reluctant to intervene. Inspector Cristopoulos has retired and Day must deal with his successor, the difficult Kyriakos Tsountas. In Tsountas’s opinion, Ophelia is a grown woman who has left of her own free will. Tsountas is not the man to be interested in Day's growing suspicion that Ophelia's disappearance is connected to the legend of the lost antiquity known as the Kallos. 


If Day is to find her he must do so alone. He will need all his ingenuity and imagination, and quite possibly his courage.