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The Search for Artemis  

​Martin Day's octogenarian friend, Edward Childe of King’s College Cambridge, appears to have committed suicide in Athens. Just before his death, Edward had been due to meet the granddaughter of Artemis, his lost love. Day suspects his death must have been murder and decides to investigate.

Meanwhile, on Naxos, Edward's friend and renowned marble sculptor, Konstantinos, is being targeted by an intruder whose threats increase in severity until Day is convinced that Konstantinos, like Edward before him, is the target of someone set on murder.

With the help of the tough Sicilian, Peppino Berducci, and the long-suffering Helen, Day determines to protect Konstantinos, get justice for the death of Edward, and find Artemis's granddaughter.

Day resigned himself to many hours of wakefulness, cramp and something else. An unaccustomed amount of adrenalin. This was not something that Martin Day the archaeologist, Martin Day the TV presenter, Martin Day the writer, had ever expected to be doing.


The NAXOS Mysteries