Black Acorns  

​Archaeologist Martin Day returns to Naxos after filming in the Peloponnese. The Naxos Literary Festival has begun. The renowned novelist Ricky Somerset is attending it, and his husband Ben Lear has come with him.


Day’s widowed father and Ben’s mother had a relationship which threw the two teenage boys together, leaving Day with something on his conscience that he wants to discuss with Ben. This visit would seem the perfect opportunity, but it becomes impossible when Ricky is found dead and Day is the one who finds him. 

Curiously, a small bronze figurine of great antiquity is found in the ruined Venetian tower where Ricky was killed. Neither Ricky nor the figurine should have been anywhere near the crumbling Di Quercia Tower, and Day determines to look for the truth.

To make things more complicated, Day has become the object of an attractive woman's attention. The time may have arrived for him to sort out his personal life as well as everything else.